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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
All In A Night
Approx. 14" high when mounted
Limited Edition of 1000
Bronze sculpture of a "modern-day" Santa Claus. Five hundred years after his death, Saint Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra was canonized. His legend continued and became a pervasive part of the winter holiday season. The legends that surround him are many. Tales of his mischief and magic delight us. His twinkling eye, rosy cheeks, nose like a cherry and his merry “Ho Ho Ho” are all part of this jolly portly man. He`s Santa, weaver of dreams, deliverer of gifts to good little boys and girls. He is the embodiment of sharing, giving and love. He is the tradition that has grown around the world in various ways.​

*1st in our Santa Claus Series