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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery of our Belt Buckles
Here are some examples of our work.  Let us design something exclusive for your business.The pictures below are 
Dragerton Belt Buckle
Nelco Contractors Belt Buckle
RMCMRA Belt Buckle
Utah Sheriff Association Belt Buckle
Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife Belt Buckle
Tram Electric Belt Buckle
U.S.S. Bosque Belt Buckle
Utah Railway Belt Buckle
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   Most belt buckle manufacturers will not touch small orders without a substantial art and setup fee. They really can't because they make their money on volume.
   Our program for producing small editions, 100 or more is unique, and the buckles are signed on the back by the artist who created the artwork. This makes it a true collector buckle. How many buckles have you seen that were signed?
   After the molds have been made for the German silver buckles, we can make lost wax bronze, as well.
   Please inquire about pricing, as metal prices fluctuate frequently.
   Most belt buckles being made, on the market today, are of an inferior metal, which is basically a hardened lead alloy, which requires a nickel plating to give it an acceptable appearance.
   Our buckles are made of a high quality tin-based pewter (german silver). This metal is expensive, but high quality and is of a bright silver color.