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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery of our Coal Mining Sculptures
Here are some examples of our work. 
  Abstract of a Miner (Abstract miner sculpture)
  A Lady and A Miner (Woman miner sculpture)
  A Man Called John (Sculpted after "Big Bad John")
  A New Vision (Coal Miner Bust)
  Backbreaker (Miner w/a Pick)
​  Benchman (Man inspecting a face mask)
  Benchman II (Man inspecting a face mask)
  Bonanza (Miner using a Jackleg, with a slicker on)
  Bonanza (Miner using a Jackleg, without a slicker on)
  Bringing in the Coal  (Statue of a boy bringing in the coal)
  Bringing in the Coal II (Statue of a boy bringing in the coal)
  The Buddy (Coal Miner w/his buddy)
  The Buddy (Hardrock Miner w/his buddy)
  The Buddy CII (New edition of the Miner w/his Son)
  The Canary (Old-Time Miner w/his Canary)
  The Canary II (Old-Time Miner w/his Canary)
  The Canary III B ( Old-Time Miner w/his Canary)
  Chip off the Ole' Block (Little Boy Mining Coal)
  Coal in My Veins (Miner)
  The Coal Miner (Life-Size Statue of a Coal Miner)
  Comedies(Various Busts of Comic Coal Mining Sculptures)
  Commitment (Miner)
  Daddy's Buddy (2 Styles of a Miner and his sons)
  Daddy’s Doll (2 Styles of a Miner and his daughters)
  Dark Shadows (Miner’s Bust)
  Dedicated (Miner)
  Devotion (Miner)
  The Doll (2 Styles of a Miner w/his daughter)
  The Engineer (Surveyor with transit and tripod)
  First Priority (Miner holding a Safety Lamp)
  Glimmer of Hope (Miner’s Bust)
  Good Old Days (Miner and his Family)
  Grit (Miner holding a boulder)
  Guardian (Miner)
  High Grade I (Mule Pulling a Cart)
  High Grade II (Life-Size Surface Miner)
  High Grade III (Mule Pulling a Cart)
  High Grade IV (Miner)
  High Light (Miner’s Bust)
  The Hole Truth (Two Miners Sharing Stories)
  Hot Shot (Miner)
  I Dig Coal (Comic Miner)
  I Owe My Soul (Endorsed by Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  Jackleg (Miner Running a Jackleg)
  John’s Canary (Life-Size Miner saying good-bye to his Canary)
  Joy In Mining (Miner Running a Long-Wall)
  Low Coal (Miner with a Back Ache)
  Maintenance (Maintenance Worker)
  Maintenance Man (Underground Mechanic)
  Mechanic (A Mechanic)
  Mega Mine (Long-Wall Scene)
  Memories (Life-Size Miner and his Son)
  “Mine” Heritage (5/8 Life-Size Miner w/a Pick)
  The Miner (10” Miner)
  Miner’s Eagle (Eagle Bust)
  Mine Rescue (Miner Being Rescued by another wearing Draeger)
  Mine Safety (Miner wearing Draeger)
  My Daddy Was A Miner (Inspired by Loretta Lynn)
  Noble Pride (Miner)
  On the Surface (Surface Miner)
  The Organizer (John L. Lewis)
  Proud Heritage (Life-size Miner)
  Rescue (Miner on the move wearing Draeger)
  The Roof (Miner)
  Saint Barbara (Patron Saint of Mining- lg. version)
  Saint Barbara II (Patron Saint of Mining - sm. version)
  Safety Matters (Miner and his daughter)
  Safety Pledge (Miner)
  Safety Sentinel (Miner Holding Methanometer)
  Sentinel (Life-Size Miner Holding Methanometer)
  The Sentinel II (Miner Holding Methanometer)
  Sentinel of Safety I (Miner Inspecting for Gases)
  Sentinel of Safety II (Miner Inspecting for Gases)
  Sentinel of Safety (Methanometer) (Miner Holding Methanometer)
  Sixteen Ton (Miner Sitting on A Boulder)
  Soul of a Miner (Miner)
  Split Set (Inspired by Dr. James Scott)
  Stoper (Mining Scene)
  Stress Set (Mining Scene)
  The Surface Miner (The Name Says It All)
  Symbol of Safety (Miner Holding a Symbol of Safety Shield)
  Tension Set (Mining Scene)
  Tension Zone (Miner running a jackleg)
  Today’s Miner (Life-size Miner)
  Today’s Miner II (Present-Time Miner)
  Together (Miner and His Wife w/a Baby)
  Tough Break (Miner Splints a Co-Workers Arm)
  The Wedge (Miner)
  Well Done (Miner)
  When the Going Gets Tough (Present-Time Miner)

Abstract of a Miner
The Canary II
The Engineer
I owe My Soul
Stress Set
When the Going Gets Tough