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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery or our Exclusive Work for Companies
Here are some examples of our work. 
25 Year Club - An award for the 25 Year Club

A New Champion - Created for the Iditarod dog sled races.

Custom Belt Buckles - Belt buckles for various companies

Custom Plaques - Plaques for various companies

Custom Trophy Awards - Trophy mounts for various companies

Godfather of Shaft Sinking - For the Redpath Group

Houck Brothers - Bronze sculpture of the Houck Brothers

Home Safe - Exclusive award sculpture

Horizon Award - For American Electric Power

Paper Weight - For American Electric Power

Sentinels of Safety - Yearly award for the National Mining Assoc.

Those Were the Days - For the Interstate Society of Mine Safety Professionals

Trapper Miner - For Trapper Mining 

25 Year Club
Horizon Award
Trapper Miner
Custom Trophy Awards
Houck Brothers