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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery of our Custom Metalwork
Here are some examples of our work. 
Custom Built Lights and Railing
Custom Electric Gate
Custom Mail Box
Custom Built Arbor with a Gate and matching Railing.
Main Street Grill Railing - Side View
Main Street Grill Railing - Front View
Main Street Grill Railing
Simple Black Railing
Custom Built Railing with Spikes
Professional Title Services Railing
Custom Built Doors
Custom Built Doors - Light Shining Through
Greek Church Railing - Front View
Greek Church - Side View
Custom Metal Floor Design
Custom Metal Floor Design - Close-up
Custom Railing on the interior of a house
Custom Built Railing with Bellies
Custom Built Railing
Custom Built Railing Around Wood Pillars
Custom Built Railing Around Wood Pillars - Close-up
Custom Built Fireplace Door
Simple Green Railing
Simple Green Railing - Clean Weld Lines