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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery of our Golf Series
Here are some examples of our work. 
1st in our Golf Series
High Finish - Bronze sculpture of a golfer. 

2nd in our Golf Series
Sweet Spot - Bronze sculpture of a woman golfer. 

3rd in our Golf Series
Eye on the Ball - Bronze statue of a golfer with his eye on the ball.

4th in our Golf Series
Big Slice - Bronze golf sculpture of a golfer who sliced it.

5th in our Golf Series
Have a Nice Day - Bronze statue of a golfer after a horrible shot. 

6th in our Golf Series
Putt for the Eagle - Bronze sculpture of a golfer getting ready to putt.

7th in our Golf Series
Birdie - Bronze abstract golf sculpture.
High Finish
Sweet Spot
Eye on the Ball
The Big Slice
Have a Nice Day
Putt for the Eagle