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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
Saint Nicholas
Approx. 14" high when mounted
Limited Edition of 250
Bronze sculpture of a Santa Claus. Bishop of Myra. 200 A.D.
After surviving a violent storm in the Mediterranean, into the harbor of Myra, Turkey. The man Nicholas went into the church to pray his thanks to God for his survival. It was there that the elders of the church were instructed by God to elect Nicholas as Bishop of Myra.
As a young boy, Nicholas heard of three sisters whose father could not afford to give all three girls a dowry. The sisters drew lots. The loser agreed to sell herself as a slave and earn dowries for her sisters. Nicholas made a nighttime visit and dropped bags of gold into stockings left hanging by the fire to dry, assuring dowries for the three sisters.
During the 12th century, French nuns made similar nighttime visits, leaving fruits and nuts for the children of poor families. Nicholas' legend had become a winter tradition.

*2nd in our Santa Claus Series.