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National Mining Association's
Sentinels of Safety Award Replicas
   Congratulations on winning the prestigious Sentinels of Safety Award, the most coveted award for safety in the industry.

   This award was first initiated in 1925 and has become the most outstanding symbol of excellence in safety.

   In the past, the American Mining Congress (now the National Mining Association) and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration provided all the previous years winners with a full sized replica to keep at no charge to the recipients. But now, since the categories have grown to twenty, it became financially impossible to continue with the replacements.

   Original Creations has agreed to produce these replacements (full size bronze Sentinels of Safety, mother and child, mounted on an elegant wood base) to previous winners, at our NMA and MSHA wholesale cost.

   Original Creations is still responsible for the maintenance and the care taking of these esteemed awards for NMA and MSHA. We also offer two smaller replicas of the Sentinels of Safety that are available to participants of the category winners. These are available only to winners at our wholesale price and are not available to the general public.

   If you are a previous winner and are interested in purchasing one of the full sized replacements, or one of the smaller versions, contact Danny Blanton.
Sentinels of Safety
Original Award Design
Sentinels of Safety
From Left to Right
For Company Officials - 12" when mounted on marble base $325.00
For the Company - 24" when mounted on a wood base (same size as original woman and child) $1200.00
For Team Members - 10" when mounted on marble base $245.00
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