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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
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Gallery of our Western and Wildlife Sculptures 
Here are some examples of our work. 
America’s Pride  (Eagle Head Sculpture)
After Shock (A Fisherman)
Back to the Wind (Man on a Horse)
The Blacksmith (Blacksmith - Sm. Mount)
The Blacksmith (Blacksmith - Lg. Mount 50")
Bud (A Hunter)
Bugle (3/4 Life-Size Elk)
Castleview Eagle (Eagle Head Sculpture)
C. Regal (A Moose)
Cowboy’s Prayer (A Cowboy)
Crown Royal (An Elk)
Dad (Man on a Horse)
Dancing with Dolphins (A Lady with Dolphins)
Doc Payne And Fearless Dan (A Dentist and A Fearless Customer)
Domaine (A Cougar and A Rattlesnake)
Double Shot (A Bird Hunter)
Early Times (A Deer)
Early Times II (A Deer)
The Encounter (Ice Age Mammoth)
Eternity (2 Dolphins)
Falling Thunder (2 Buffalo)
Fill Your Hands (John Wayne in “True Grit”)
Fin (A Dolphin)
Forging Away (A Blacksmith)
Free and Wild (A Horse)
Free Land (An Eagle)
Freedom (An Eagle bust)
Gold Diggers (A Saloon where all the people are "Gold Diggers")
High Vision ( Life-Size Metal Eagle Sculpture)
Imperial Crown (An Elk)
Kickin' Ass (A Donkey)
Liberty (An Eagle)
Metal of Honor (Life-Size Steel Eagle)
Moon Shine (A Wolf)
My Ass (A Pack Mule)
Old Grandad (A Grizzly Bear)
On the Rocks (A Big Horn Sheep)
The Physician (A physician on his way with his horse)
Ride the Dust Devil (A Horse)
Shaman Of The Bird Tribe (A Native American Shaman)
Silent Thunder (A Buffalo Wall Relief)
Support (A Bird on a Woman’s hand)
Ten High (A Deer)
Thunder Heads (2 Rams)
Thunder Heads (3 Rams)
Thunder Run (A Native American and Buffalo)
Wild Bunch at Castle Gate (Sm. Mount of Butch Cassidy and the Gang)
Wild Bunch at Castle Gate (Lg. Mount of Butch Cassidy and the Gang)
Wings of Freedom (1/2 Life-Size Steel Eagle)

The Blacksmith
Fill Your Hands
The Physician