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The World's Largest Collection of Mining Related Bronze Sculptures
Wild Bunch at Castle Gate
23" high x 27" long x 16" wide
Limited Edition of 25
Bronze sculpture of Butch Cassidy, Elza Lay, and Bob Meeks riding away after robbing the Pleasant Valley Mine payroll in Castle Gate, Utah.

*Also available in a large mount
Butch was wearing bib overalls and riding bareback (center). Elza was wearing dust goggles (front).
Bob was the backup man (rear).
This limited edition of 25 will be split into two different mountings. The large story book mount at the top goes well against a wall or large open space.
The smaller version makes an excellent pedestal mount, (like Remington's "Coming Through the Rye").
Gary has done extensive research in this creation. He read four books and many articles on the wild bunch. He obtained old photos to create the characters as they really looked.